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How Internet Explorer conditional comments work

Conditional comments are a special feature of the Internet Explorer browser that controls the display of any HTML content based on whether the visitor is using IE or another browser, and which version of IE they are using. They are supported by Internet Explorer versions 5 to 9 inclusive; from version 10, IE no longer supports conditional comments.

I’ve seen a lot of comments on websites and forums that misunderstand how condition comments actually work, so this post is an attempt to remedy that.

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Deprecated HTML 4 elements

There are several HTML elements and attributes that have now been declared deprecated by the World Wide Web Consortium (the organization that sets HTML standards). ‘Deprecated’ means that the elements no longer serve a purpose and have been replaced by other methods, mostly involving cascading stylesheets (CSS).

Although it is recommended that web browsers continue to support them, eventually they will become obsolete. This page lists all the deprecated elements and attributes of HTML 4, and specifies the recommended replacements for them. You will need a basic understanding of CSS to implement most of these.

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